Signmakers tape

High quality self-adhesive tapes for sign makers

SK Direct specialise in high quality, single and double-sided tapes, foam tapes, secure customised packaging seals, security and tamper-evident tapes and labels.  Whatever the application, we are able deliver the perfect solution that will meet your exact specifications, and in any size and format.

Our double-sided tapes for sign makers are designed to provide high performance with complete bond reliability, and are suitable for various solid, flat, textured and flexible faces.  The sign making industry has probably some of the most demanding applications in terms of having to face temperature and weather extremes.  It is therefore important that any tape used is able to ‘stay put’ no matter what it is subjected to.

Meeting sign makers demands, whatever the application

We are experts in self-adhesive tapes for sign makers across a wide range of diverse industries.  Working with some of the world’s most advanced manufacturers of self-adhesive materials, our technical team are able to devise technical tape solutions for any problem.  We work closely with our customers to understand both their industry, individual demands and requirements to provide them with a product that won’t let them down.

We have invested in state-of-the-art machinery which uses the latest technology to provide a flexible and reliable service.  Whether you require a short-run of specialist adhesive-tape for your particular specifications, or a large run of our standard tapes, we can meet your deadlines.

Signmakers tape could refer to any of a variety of technical self-adhesive tapes, adhesives and films used in the signmakers, graphics and large format printing trades. There are in particular a few products in our range which have one or more applications in these fields and are often referred to as a signmakers tape. We list a few:

Banner tape

Actually there are a few double-sided tapes in our range which are used for banner hemming. Much of it depends on the particular application or just personal preference.

Sign mounting tape

Signs are mounted in many places and areas, indoors and outdoors. Our TM208 is particularly popular. It has a high density closed call PE foam carrier and cross linked solvent acrylic adhesive system. Available in white and black in any size.

This signmakers tape is suitable for mounting signs of various materials including plastics, dibond and aluminium on moderately uneven surfaces. It takes a bit of time to reach optimum bond strength, but does not deteriorate over time and is resistant to high temperature, UV light and weather proof.

Sign bonding tape

Sign-bond, or High-bond Acrylic Foam tapes are extruded acrylic resin tapes particularly suitable for bonding metals, plastics, glass, painted and powder coated surfaces. This type of signmakers tape comes in various thicknesses and colours and can be supplied in rolls or die-cuts.

Permanent bonding of various rigid materials, HSE and LSE. Clear option for invisible bonds in 0.25 up to 3.0mm. In grey and white for structural, permanent bonding solutions. Not only weatherproof and shock absorbing but also a perfect stress distribution over the whole surface. Suitable as a replacement for rivets in sign rail & sign channels.

See for yourself just how good our self-adhesive tapes for sign makers are

Our tapes for sign makers provide outstanding performance, with excellent reliability and consistency of bond. If you have not yet found the tape that works for your particular requirement, then it’s time to contact us.  So confident are we of our tape products, we will provide you with various samples, so you can see for yourself just how good they are before you place an order.

To find out more, request your free samples, or to discuss your particular self-adhesive tape requirements, please get in touch today by calling 01543 277 849, emailing us at, or by completing your details on our contact form.