Signmakers tape

Signmakers tape could refer to any of a variaty of technical self-adhesive tapes, adhesives and films used in the signmakers, graphics and large format printing trades. There are in particular a few products in our range which have one or more applications in these fields and are often referred to as a signmakers tape. We list a few:

Signmakers tape

Banner tape

Actually there are a few double-sided tapes in our range which are used for banner hemming. Much of it depends on the particular application or just personal preference.

Sign mounting tape

Signs are mounted in many places and areas, indoors and outdoors. Our TM208 is particularly popular. It has a high density closed call PE foam carrier and cross linked solvent acrylic adhesive system. Available in white and black in any size.

This signmakers tape is suitable for mounting signs of various materials including plastics, dibond and aluminium on moderately uneven surfaces. It takes a bit of time to reach optimum bond strength, but does not deteriorate over time and is resistant to high temperature, UV light and weather proof.

Sign bonding tape

Sign-bond, or High-bond Acrylic Foam tapes are extruded acrylic resin tapes particularly suitable for bonding metals, plastics, glass, painted and powder coated surfaces. This type of signmakers tape comes in various thicknesses and colours and can be supplied in rolls or die-cuts.

Permanent bonding of various rigid materials, HSE and LSE. Clear option for invisible bonds in 0.25 up to 3.0mm. In grey and white for structural, permanent bonding solutions. Not only weatherproof and shock absorbing but also a perfect stress distribution over the whole surface. Suitable as a replacement for rivets in sign rail & sign channels.