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White foam tape TM510B blue liner

White foam tape TM510B blue liner

White foam tape with a light density, easily adaptable to various smooth or uneven surfaces. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, UV and moisture resistant. This foam tape is 1.0mm thick and comes with a blue PE film release liner and a pressure sensitive solvent acrylic adhesive system.

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Product Description

White foam tape with solvent acrylic adhesive system for indoor and outdoor use. This low density 1.0mm PE tape is ideally suited to mounting extrusions and cable trunking on painted walls, wood, metals and plastics. It has a high initial tack and the conformable foam easily adepts to the contours of any surface with only a small amount of pressure. The blue PE film release liner stands out and is easy to remove. It is suitable for moderately uneven surfaces as well as being resistant to moisture and UV light.

We are able to convert this material to any size and format required. It can be offered in log rolls, slit rolls in 50m or 100m length, spools and die-cut components. The rolls and spools of white foam tape TM510B are widely used by extruders and manufacturers of cable trunking. The ability to bond effortlessly to uneven surfaces make this tape the ideal product for extrusions in the construction market.

Spools or bobbins are an ideal way to reduce downtime for manufacturers and extrusion companies. By traverse winding the white foam tape on a wider core we can fit up to 5000m on one roll, depending on the width of the product. Spool wound rolls are available in 5mm – 30mm on 6inch ID cores.

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White foam tape TM510B

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