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Double sided tape red liner DM789

Double sided tape red liner DM789

Industrial high tack double-sided tape with a PET carrier and solvent acrylic adhesive system. This is an aggressive and highly versatile double sided tape. Highly transparent tape with a distinctive red MOPP release liner. It is used for signs, nameplates, plastic and rubber extrusions, arts and crafts, POS assembly, PVC banner hemming, and so on.

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Product Description

Double sided tape, red MOPP release liner

Industrial high tack double-sided tape. The carrier is a clear Polyester coated both sides with a sophisticated solvent acrylic adhesive system. The red filmic release liner gives the product a distinctive presentation and helps maintain its transparency. The tape is used for signs, nameplates, plastic and rubber components and extrusions, arts and crafts, POS assembly and PVC banner hemming (banner tape).

Tape thickness is 220 micron. The high coat-weight means the tape bonds quickly to flat, porous and fibrous surfaces, and the acrylic adhesive is resistant to external conditions UV, moisture and temperature fluctuations.

We carry this material in jumbo reels 1040mmx500m and convert to any size or format. Depending on the requirement we can convert the material to log rolls, slit rolls, die-cut components and bobbins or spools. Spools have the advantage of long reel lengths, thus requiring less changeovers and reducing machine downtime.

Depending on your application you may also consider the DM790 (160 micron tape thickness), DM789H (higher temperature resistance), and paper liner versions DM189 (white PE paper) & DM389 (amber glassine paper).

Each material has its own range of application for which it was designed, some are very specific others are more generic. All our materials of course are only useful when used for the correct application. The DM789 double sided tape is probably one of the most divers products we have and it finds applications in almost any field.

Additional Information

Release liner

Translucent red MOPP

Tape thickness

220 Micron


Clear Polyester


Solvent acrylate

Roll width

4mm – 1040mm