Corrugated Sealtape

For corrugated packaging we produce our very own Corrugated Sealtape. With the uprise in online sales there is an increased demand in user friendly and recycable protective packaging. Corrugated cardboard is ideal providing that it is designed appropriately with user friendly closure systems and reseal option for product returns.

Corrugated Sealtape


We produce various sizes with overlap release liners to suit application method and box design. Corrugated Sealtape can have solvent acrylic or rubber-hotmelt adhesive and generally comes on a tissue carrier which suits the fibrous cardboard surface. The tape will instantly seal the box and it will not pop open unless the cardboard is torn.

The presentation can be a left-hand, right-hand or centre track. Left- and right hand finger lift design maximises the peel area making it easier to lift the liner. Centre track is more flexible as it can be applied and opened from both sides.

Bobbins / spools

The product is wound in long length spools, or bobbins. Corrugated sealtape is generally machine applied and short rolls would mean frequent start/stop of the process. Our bobbins have maximum reel lengths with a 6-inch 180mm wide inner core for rapid non-stop production. The bobbins are made to order and we are not restricted to any particular size, typical options would be:


For high value or sensitive goods we can provide an additional tamper-evident security label with the Corrugated Sealtape. This security label can be printed with branding and instructions, and will reveal on obvious void message on removal.

Bespoke Security Labels