Bespoke security labels from sk direct

Our tailored service for bespoke security labels to suit each individual application is unique. The requirement for good security seals is not. We’ve long seen the use of tamper-evident security labels on computers, games consoles and other electronic equipment as a quick and easy way of establishing if an item has been dismantled, thus voiding a warranty.

These days, such security labels are used in a much wider range of industries and products, from pharmaceutical packaging to aircraft doors, and they all share one common function; revealing a hidden message.

Bespoke security labels

Void labels

Void labels can be affixed to almost any surface and when tampered with leave a ‘VOID’ message. The section of the label that has been peeled cannot be reinstated, so once the message has been revealed it’s impossible to hide.

Because of the far reaching applications of security labels, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution – what’s right for an access hatch or catering trolley, will not be correct to seal the packaging of a cosmetic product, for instance.

As experts in security labelling, SK Direct stocks a full range of material that enables solutions to be tailored to the finest detail, selecting the most appropriate material for the application. These include:

SK Direct can also offer a range of other customisations to create a truly unique product, including the following:

Free design service

Beginning to sound complicated? It really isn’t – SK Direct provides a free design and proofing service, with no obligation to purchase.

The design and proofing service is free without any obligation to purchase. Simply provide a logo, company description or illustration and SK Direct will design a label to suit the specific requirement.


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