AFS Acrylic Bonding Tapes

AFS Acrylic bonding tapes, the new generation structural high bond tapes.

AFS Acrylic bonding

Bonding tapes or VHB’s are designed usually to bond substrates such as aluminium onto aluminium. Flat surfaces with what we call a high surface tension. Would it not be nice if things were always so easy? For typical applications such as shopfitting, signmaking, extrusions and vehicle interiors users often bond dissimilar surfaces in less controlled environments.

Things are looking up though. Just like the nature surrounding us we evolve to find new solutions for existing problems. AFS Bonding tapes are engineered to have a unique combination of attributes:

Environmental footprint

Whilst we are inspired by nature, we must also look after it. The AFS bonding tapes are produced using a single-pass, self-stick extrusion process. It requires no adhesive coating and therefor no solvent evaporation. This results in causing considerably less harm to the environment.


At SKDirect we have in-house facility to convert AFS Bonding tapes into any format required.

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