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Security seal, tamper evidence solutions


  • ParcelSeal Labels Blue

    Security labels are tamper evident, for storage boxes and parcels. Easily secure boxes and parcels with valuable or sensitive items with the application of a tamper evident label. ...
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  • BP10600M-C Permanent bag tape

    Strong permanent 5/10mm fingerlift bag sealing tape for polythene converters and bagmakers. This tape is used for mailing bags and magazine bags or any other PE bag that requires a...
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  • DT148 Tissue tape

    Tissue tape 150 micron with high performance solvent acrylic and white PE paper liner. High tack double-sided tape, conforms easily to textured and flexible surfaces like paper, bo...
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  • TM218 Foam tape

    Foam tape black 0.8mm, double-sided, suitable for external use on metals, plastics, perspex, glass, wood and painted surfaces. This foam tape will adept to slightly uneven or textu...
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  • TM110 Foam tape

    Foam tape, double-sided with high shear performance for internal use. This tape is great for mounting towel hooks, mirrors, nameplates, signs and other accessories. It can be used ...
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  • Clear acrylic foam tape AF1000S

    1.0MM Clear acrylic foam tape for permanent bonding applications. This clear adhesive has enormous strength and is easy to work with. Suitable for use internal and external, UV and...
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  • Security tape red SK7702

    Tamper evident security tape in red, with a unique black Security Tape surface print. This tape makes any attempt of unauthorised entry easily visible, whilst in most cases it will...
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  • Double sided tape DM389 amber liner

    High adhesion double-sided tape with a PET carrier and solvent acrylic adhesive system. This tape has the ability to key to flat, porous and fibrous surfaces indoors and outdoor. I...
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