Double-sided Tape


Materials to bond, fix, mount, seal, laminate



Security seal, tamper evidence solutions


  • Acrylic foam tape AF1000R

    1.0MM high transparency acrylic foam tape with a silicone-free release liner. Used for permanent bonding applications. Clear as glass superior bonding adhesive. Suitable for use in...
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  • Butt-cut double sided tape

    Butt-cut pieces double sided tapes and foam tapes. Industrial high tack double-sided tape with a PET carrier and solvent acrylic adhesive system. This is an aggressive and highly v...
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  • No residue security labels orange

    SK8810 - Orange no residue security labels, tamper evident. Supplied plain or with surface printing in reels or labels any size. These none transfer security labels are used to qui...
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  • Metallised Reseal Bag Sealing Tape

    Metallised liner resealable bag sealing tape in bobbins. This tape is designed for application to polyethylene and polypropylene films. The bobbins offer a long reel length, thus m...
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  • Covermask Deco 1400mm incl Dispenser

    Simply happier painting! Masking tape & film combo for decorators, DIY and spray booths. Masking tapes are great, but surrounding areas still need to be covered separately as they ...
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  • DP321 Double-sided tape spools

    High tack double-sided tape with a PVC carrier and solvent acrylic adhesive system. This is an aggressive and highly versatile industrial grade double sided tape. It is used for si...
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  • DT148 Tissue tape

    Tissue tape 150 micron with high performance solvent acrylic and white PE paper liner. High tack double-sided tape, conforms easily to textured and flexible surfaces like paper, bo...
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  • White foam tape TM510B blue liner

    White foam tape with a light density, easily adaptable to various smooth or uneven surfaces. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, UV and moisture resistant. This foam tape is 1.0...
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